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SUMMER KIDS WEEKS from July 11th till August 19th 2016. Interested to participate single days? Call us.

Do you like adventure and outdoor fun? Or do you like dance, sports and/or being creative? Join us at the Summer Kids Weeks! The Summer Kids Weeks offer a week full of adventures outside in the forest like hide and seek games, building your own cabin, making fire and a visit to the Zoo. After our daily morning program you can choose from a selection of more than 20 activities to do in the afternoon.

During the Summer Kids Weeks we offer an active program full of adventure in Zeist. We pay a lot of attention to sports, healthy nutrition and teaching kids to play together. It’s our goal to be outdoor as much as possible. This depends on the weather and whether safety can be guaranteed. We will play together as a team, we will encourage to make new friends so that you will feel save and at home. The Summer Kids Weeks are suited for children in the aged of 4-6 years, 7-9 years and 10-13 years.

Nike experience

Next to the Summer Kids Camp on Nike Campus, we now offer you the Summer Kids Weeks in Zeist in cooperation with the KNZB (the Dutch Swimming Association). Get Flexible is experienced in organizing kids camps, making sure kids enjoy themselves and have the time of their lives. Our team consists of the best qualified people, with sports and swim experience and are supported by a pedagogic employee. The premium Summer Kids Weeks are located in Zeist at the site of the KNVB Campus (the Dutch Football Association) in the middle of nature with ample space to play among trees and sports fields.

Date and time

We welcome kids during Summer Break of 2016, from Monday July 11th until Friday August 19th. We pick up the kids at Nike at 8:30 am so arrival in Zeist will be at 9:00 am. The kids will be dropped off to Nike Campus at 17:30 pm full of stories of the adventures they experienced that day.

Summer Kids Weeks in combination with a Swim Certificate A, B or C within 1 week

As part of the premium Summer Kids Weeks in Zeist we offer swimming lessons to achieve a certain level, so you are able to graduate and receive a Dutch certified Swim Certificate. Kids will participate in the regular group program, but also receive 2-3 hours swimming lessons during the day. The swimming pool is also located at the same campus.

For more information or other questions you can e-mail us: summerkidsweeks@getflexible.nl or call: +31636534470.


Summer Kids Week
Employees and contractors of Nike get a 10% discount on the published price of 375,- a week or 75,- a day. The discounted rate for Nike employees and contractors is 337,50 euro a week or 67,50 a day, all expenses are paid for (tickets, lunch, snacks, drinks) +31636534470

Summer Kids Week including Swim Certificate
If you are interested in the Summer Kids Weeks in combination with a Swim Certificate call: +31636534470.